As a criminal defense attorney, I have visited jails throughout Florida and I have come to one conclusion: I hate jail, and I'm guessing that you do too. My promise to all of my clients is that I will work zealously and tirelessly to defend you to the fullest extent that the law and the Constitution allow.

Free Consultations

Call Now: (954) 908-3399.  The initial meeting between attorney and client should always be without charge.  You should be comfortable that I am the attorney for you before we agree to any payment plan.  We can talk on the phone or we can meet in person.  If you are in custody, I will come and talk to you in the jail and would gladly meet with a family member to talk about the representation.

Flexible Payment Plans

In a perfect world, money should not be the deciding factor when a person’s life or liberty is at stake. With that being said, a criminal charge often carries loss of employment and much hardship for the defendant and the defendant's family.  I fully understand these difficult issues and will work with you to set up a creative, flexible payment plan that will meet your budgetary restrictions.

Client Focused Criminal Defense

Having over a decade of experience as a criminal defense attorney, I fully understand the importance of a solid attorney-client relationship.  I have a dynamic, full-service practice and you will have no issues contacting me to discuss your case, 24/7.  I provide all of my clients with my cell phone number and I respond to calls, texts and emails.  In addition, I believe in the importance of face-to-face interaction, whether that be in my office, at the courthouse, or the jail.  All of your questions will be answered.