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Don’t Slug Santa!

It’s holiday time and if you have decided to return to brick and mortar shopping, you may run into a fat man with a white beard in a red suit. That’s right! Santa’s back Baby, and this time with a bang! Check out this case from the great State of

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Why Fort Lauderdale Residents Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Matthew Glassman is explaining to the public about several different types of criminal charges that require the help of a criminal defense attorney. (Fort Lauderdale, FL  November 2021) It happens all the time  — residents of the greater Fort Lauderdale metro area are charged with breaking the law.  Sometimes

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The Football Fan Fiasco

This is a fun one for me. As a huge sports lover: football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and MMA being a fan is usually very rewarding—especially if your team is good. There is little that’s more exciting than seeing your favorite football player bounce it outside for a 65-yard score or

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Dean v. State: Is it a Grand Theft or A Petit Theft?

Laws are constantly changing. These changes could have a lasting effect on your case, your livelihood, your family and your liberty. If you have a been accused of a crime, make sure you hire the best Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney for you and your loved ones. Choosing the best

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