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Caselaw Update: Reid v. State

Welcome back to the Glassman Law Blog and my biweekly explanation of a recent appellate decision. Last week’s case about blood draws in DUI arrests generated some good comments and conversation and hopefully you all will find this week’s case just as enlightening and interesting. As always, this blog is

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DUI Caselaw Update: Montes-Valeton v.

The Glassman Law Blog is officially back in business! Things have been going great with the firm and I’ve been super busy fighting tooth and nail for my clients. With that being said, I am hoping to be able to do a write-up on a new and interesting case every

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Sealing Criminal Records: The Right Way vs. The Destry way

Having a criminal history has profound effects upon a person’s life. Obtaining a job can be difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, the State of Florida has enacted a process for an individual to seal criminal records in certain cases, shielding those records from the view of the public. As always,

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Disclosing a Confidential Informant – Case of the Week #2

Kenneth Hill v. State of Florida, 2D14-2960, Released 3/9/2016 Welcome Back! This week we turn our attention to an issue that appears repeatedly in criminal cases: under what circumstances must the State Attorney disclose the identity of a confidential informant who was used during the investigation of a case. Confidential

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